Tobias Dewes

M. A.
Tobias Dewes
Lehr- und Forschungsgebiet Wirtschafts-, Sozial- und Technologiegeschichte


Room: B 303

Kackertstraße 7

52072 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80 99005

Office Hours

Wednesday 10am - 12am and by arrangement


Tobias Dewes completed his studies at the James Cook University in Townsville and the Saarland University in Saarbrücken focussing on economic and social history as well as technology and environmental history.

Since May 2015 Tobias Dewes has been working as a research assistant for the Research Unit for Economic and Social History and History of Technology. He coordinates the module "Business Today I" and teaches the exercise courses relating to the lecture "Economic and Social History" as well as other courses.



Dissertation Project

Knowledge Management - Die Universität als innovatives Unternehmen

eLearning Project

WAD - Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten Digital


Publications and Presentations

  • Thomes, Paul/Dewes, Tobias, Unternehmen Wissenschaft, 10. AKWG Tagung, Forschung zwischen Freiheit und Verantwortung - Die wissenschaftshistorische Perspektive. Aachen, 16.12.2016. (de)
  • Thomes, Paul/Peters, Robert/Dewes, Tobias, Wirtschaft. Wissen. Schaffen. 30 Jahre Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften 1986-2016. Aachen, 2016. (de)
  • Tobias Dewes/Paul Thomes, Wissen auf Reisen. Genese und Nutzung wissenschaftlicher Reiseberichte im universitären Umfeld, in: AKV Sammlung Crous (Hg.), Aachener Reisen: durch die Jahrhunderte mit Pilgern, Königen, Badegästen und anderen Touristen. Aachen, 2016. S. 254-265. (de)
  • Thomes, Paul/Dewes, Tobias (Hg.), Aachen 1914-1918. 100 Jahre 1. Weltkrieg. Aachen, 2016. (de)


Summer semester 2017

  • Corporate History: Who are we and what do we want? Corporate Development between Business Entity and Management Strategies
  • Exercise for the lecture: Economic Theory and Practice from Aristoteles to Sen
  • Master seminar/Project module: Great economists. Character - Work - Impact (assistance)

Winter semester 2016/17

  • Coordination of the course Business Today I (B.Sc. BWL)
  • Corporate History: From Glowing Iron to the Digital Revolution - Industrial Change in Germany
  • Exercise for the lecture: Industrial "Revolutions" 1750 to 2050: Structural Change and Management in Uncertainty and Complexity
  • Master seminar/ Project module: Energy, Mobility and Enviroment from a Historical View: "Water will be the Coal of the Future" (Jules Verne) - Energy Revolution from a Historical View (assistance)

Summer semester 2016

  • Exercise for the lecture: Globalization of the World Economy
  • Master seminar/ Project module: From Industry 1.0 to Industry 4.0 (assistance)

Winter semester 2015/16

  • Coordination of the Course Business Today I (B.Sc. BWL)
  • Corporate History: Continuity and Change - German Companies in the 20th Century
  • Exercise for the lecture: Economy, Society and Technological Innovation in Divided Germany (1939-1989)
  • Lecture: Economy, Society and Technological Innovation in Divided Germany (1939-1989), (assistance)

Summer semester 2015

  • Exercise for the lecture: Economy, Society and Technological Innovation in the USA in the Long Twentieth Century (group A+B)