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Florian Wöltering
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Florian Wöltering studied the subjects economic geography, sociology and economics and social history with Magister Artium diploma at RWTH Aachen University.

In 2002 Florian Wöltering finished an apprenticeship as a cartographer. Since then he has been working as a freelance cartographer. He gained additional practical experiences at an internship of the cooperation for company history in Frankfurt/Main. Moreover he worked as an research assistant at the chair of landscape architecture from mai 2014 to april 2015.

Since April 2011 Florian Wöltering has been working for the Teaching and Research Unit for Economics and Social History and History of Technology as an research assistant. Before, he worked five years as a student assistant for the same Teaching and Research Unit. Florian Wöltering is also the teaching assistant and gives various tutorials and seminars.



Dissertation Project

“From Perfect Competition to Oligopoly: The History of the Rental Car Business in Germany after World War 2”


Publications and Presentations

  • Zwischen Erwartungen und Wirklichkeit. Die Schwierigkeiten langfristiger Planung am Beispiel der Aachener Verkehrsinfrastruktur der Nachkriegszeit 1945-1955, Rahmenprogramm zur Veröffentlichung „Vom fauchenden Fafnir zum Fahrzeug der Zukunft“ vom Centre Charlemagne, Aachen 19.01.2017 (de)
  • Together with Sarah Gatzlik: Planung zwischen Erwartung und Wirklichkeit: Der Wiederaufbau der Aachener Verkehrsinfrastruktur in der Zeit von 1945 bis 1955, in Centre Charlemagne: Vom fauchenden Fafnir zum Fahrzeug der Zukunft, Aachen 2016, S.40-50 (de)
  • Together with Sarah Gatzlik: Eine Stadt nach Plan? Der Wiederaufbau der Aachener Verkehrsinfrastruktur nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg, Symposium im Stadtarchiv, November 2015 (de)
  • „Tourismusregion Zweiter Weltkrieg“. Eine kritische Situationsanalyse des Kriegstourismus zwischen Rhein, Mosel, Maas und Sauer in Frings, Karola (Hg.); Möller, Frank (Hg.): Hürtgenwald-Perspektiven der Erinnerung, Hürtgenwald 2014, S.133-155 (de)
  • War as Tourism Attraction – Approaching a segment in tourism research, in: Shelton, Kyle/Katz, Christiane/Singh, Dhan Zunino/McDonald, Kate (Hg.), Mobility in History, Volume 7, 2016, S. 58-68
  • Between Competition and Cooperation. The German Rental Car Business after World War II, 50th Congress of the Business History Society of Japan, Tokyo, Japan, 09.11.-09.13.2014


  • Bachelor seminar: The Rise of Capitalism

  • Bachelor seminar: From Assassin's Creed to Sherlock Holmes: Representation and Reality of Industrialization in Modern Media
  • Master seminar/ Project module: History of Technology and Innovation: Technique of the Alpine Landscape

  • Bachelor seminar: Between Colonialization, Protectionism and Globalization - Economic History of East- and Southasia (16th Century to today)

Winter Semester 2015/16

  • Bachelor seminar: "They just take away our Workplacements!" - Economic Dimensions of Migration by the Example of Germany since 1945
  • Master seminar/ Project module: Automobility in Historical View (assistance)
  • Bachelor seminar: Technologies of Mobilty and Traffic Infrastructures by the Example of the Bundesrepublik Germany (assistance)
  • Master seminar: Growth and Prosperity in the Context of Environment and Sustainability (assistance)

Summer Semester 2015

  • Seminar: Transport Industry in the USA since 1945
  • Tutorial: Corporate History

Winter Semester 2014/15

  • Bachelor seminar: Memories between Commemoration and Profit. Wars of the 20th Century as European Cultural Heritage.
  • Exercise for the lecture: Germany between 1914 and 1945

Summer Semester 2014

  • Bachelor seminar: From Maps and Economists - History of Economic Thinking and Cartography from Ancient Times to the Internet era
  • Master seminar: Between Planned Economy and Market Economy - Economies of Transformation by the Example of the area Ostrava (assistance)

Winter Semester 2013/14

  • Tutorial: An area in Change: Industrialization on Ruhr and Wupper
  • Master Seminar: Something new from the Prosumer! Production methodes in Times of the Industrialization between Self-Supporter and Mass Production (assistance)
  • Coordination of the course Economy today 1

Summer Semester 2013

Tutorial Corporate History: Transport and Trade from Early Modern Period to the 21st century

Winter Semester 2012/13

  • Tutorial: Technology and Process Innovation in Logistics
  • Tutorial Corporate History: German Transport Industry Since World War Two
  • Master seminar: The role of Germany in the European Economic Integration Process (assistance)
  • Master seminar: Increase, Prosperity, Quality of Life - Opportunities and Problems of a Modern Industrial Society (assistance)

Summer Semester 2012

  • Exercise for the lecture: Economy, Society and Technological Innovation in the USA in the long 20th Century (group A and group B)
  • Master Seminar: Crisis and Crisis Management in the USA (assistance)
  • Coordinator of the Project "Modul Next Generation" in course of the Exploratory Teaching Space

Winter Semester 2011/12

  • Exercise for the lecture: German Economy and Society from 1914 to 1945 (group A and B)
  • Master seminar: Increase, Prosperity, Quality of life - Opportunities and Problems of a Modern Industrial Society (assistance)
  • Coordinator of the Project "Modul Next Generation" in Course of the Exploratory Teaching Space

Summer Semester 2011

  • Exercise for the lecture: Economical Thinking in Historical Perspective
  • Master seminar: From Industry to Services? A Comparative Approach to Structural Change in the UK and Germany (assistance)